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Partnering with Businesses to Provide Training Solutions

Partnering with Businesses to Provide Training Solutions - Michigan Human Resource Consulting Blog | Sage Solutions Group - sherri_training(1)







Sage Solutions Group partnered with the Michigan Assisted Living Association to provide an educational series in Novi and Grand Rapid this month. This group included group home managers, owners and directors of adult foster care and assisted living homes as well as human resource professionals. The focus of this half day training was on day to day human resource functions including:

  • I-9’s
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Social Media Pitfalls
  • Handbooks
  • Compliance

While we assumed Social Media Pitfalls would be the hottest topic, with today’s governmental policies, the I-9 topic drew the most questions. Sage provided answers to all questions posed and followed up with useful solutions via email following the seminar.    

Sage Solutions partners with businesses to provide training solutions for organizations of all sizes, covering a variety of professional topics. Our training is tailored to meet the needs of requesting audiences, ranging from executives and directors to managers and front-line staff.  This level of customization is possible because we do not use a cookie cutter approach to training. We understand that when companies invest in training, there needs to be an immediate return on their investment. Attendees should walk away with needed tools and leadership approaches that can be implemented quickly and effectively. This sophisticated approach is precisely what Sage Solutions does, and we provide it in a realistic, real-world way. We ensure our materials are up to date, compliant and interactive to help engage audiences.  Whether your group needs a small training in your setting or you are coordinating a larger seminar, Sage Solutions has you covered. The following is a sample list of our educational opportunities:

  1. Equal Employment Opportunity/Harassment/ Sexual Harassment for Managers
  2. Equal Employment Opportunity/Harassment/ Sexual Harassment for Employees
  3. Conducting an Investigation
  4. Social Media Pitfalls
  5. Leadership Across the Generations:  Understanding the Workforce
  6. Mentorship Programs
  7. Team Leader Programs
  8. Employee Engagement
  9. Safety Programs and Reducing Workplace Injuries
  10. Policy and Procedure Updates
  11. Compliance
  12. Communication & Feedback:  Barriers to Giving Feedback
  13. Communication & Feedback:  Motivational & Constructive Feedback
  14. Communication & Feedback:  Performance Improvement
  15. Understanding and Managing FMLA and ADA
  16. Effective Talent Acquisition
  17. The Hiring Process

Sage’s Leadership Training Series is our hallmark; it provides a balanced mix of education, interactive activities that are directly relevant to the training module, and challenges leaders to rethink how they lead.  

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