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What our customers have to say about Sage Solutions Group

Sage Solutions Group has been our Human Resources savior!  Sage’s CEO, Sherri McDaniel helped develop our new HR representative when our former employee left the position. She jumped right in and assisted with many intra-office challenges with great skill and professionalism, building a great deal of confidence with our employees. The Sage team helped us develop a formal wage scale, an attendance policy and assisted in adjudicating some personnel conflicts to improve employee relations. I find Sage to present as extremely well informed, calm in difficult situations and always professional.

In order to improve morale, Sage’s President, Heidi Reyst administered a confidential employee survey. Our Board was quite impressed with the survey presentation and the statistical expertise in examining the data. After we reviewed the results, Sage developed a multi-pronged plan to improve employee morale and engagement. The scores have risen substantially after only 6 months, and the improvement in engagement is quite palpable!

We are completely satisfied with our collaboration with Sage Solutions Group and look forward to a long-standing relationship.

~ Larry Adler, MD

President, Huron Gastroenterology Associates


I’ve worked with Sage Solutions Group for over a year now and I am extremely happy with the services they provide.  When they came out for the first time to complete the complimentary compliance audit, it was clear to me they have the knowledge and experience to help my business.

My follow up audit was a delight to see!! Sage narrowed in on exactly what I needed to be fully compliant in all the areas they reviewed.  To my surprise, Sage also had excellent suggestions in areas that I really hadn’t thought too much about but enhanced my employee relations.

Whenever an issue or question comes up, they respond immediately giving me the confidence to know I picked the right team.  When they give advice, they don’t just tell me what to do, they provide me options and explain the benefits of each.  This expert collaboration helps me to focus on running my business rather than getting bogged down with regulatory issues and changes in employment laws.

They are efficient and cost effective, and I couldn’t be happier with their services.  Sage Solutions has provided me peace of mind for my business.

~ Victor

Reliable Medical Supply