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Insurance, with benefits?

Many small businesses purchase quite a lot of insurance; from workers’ compensation to directors and officers to general liability. While the main benefits of insurance are obvious, there are often additional benefits that are rarely take advantage of by companies. These insurances typically come with access to libraries full of useful information and a wealth of expertise. So, before you start developing employee training or writing policies, look to see what your insurance carriers have to offer first.

By way of example, we all need to train employees on MIOSHA – Hazardous Communication. There are numerous off the shelf products that you can purchase for $200 - $500 per product. On the other hand, you could save that money by simply borrowing it as needed from your workers’ compensation carrier. In many instances they may also offer to come out and assist you with a safety audit which is also required by MIOSHA. So take full advantage of your insurance company by checking out all the services you actually bought when you booked your insurance!

Time to Audit…

Winter is just around the corner. Daylight savings time is coming soon. Many of us will arrive to work in the dark and leave in the dark. This brings many new hazards into the workplace. It is time to look around and see the trip-fall hazards...
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