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6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween in the Workplace, Without Having to Dress Up!

6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween in the Workplace, Without Having to Dress Up! - Michigan Human Resource Consulting Blog | Sage Solutions Group - Halloween_scaryIt is that time of year again, and with Halloween landing on a Thursday, you may be asking yourself “what should I wear?”  While Halloween may be a time to let your imagination run wild when it comes to costumes worn in social settings, in the workplace you may need to be more careful and dress appropriately for your organization and occupation. A quick rule of thumb is to ask yourself if your outfit choice is suitable for work on any day of the week, not just Halloween. If your answer is no, then you need to reconsider your costume and pick something else to wear!

There are many pitfalls when it comes to wearing a costume in the workplace when you consider some of the most popular costumes. Themes surrounding political figures, demonic creatures and revealing costumes are all ideas to avoid. Workplaces may have rules regarding masks and weapons especially for those that have exposure to the public. Be sure to check your policies before completing your ensemble with a bloody sword, most likely it will not be appreciated by your employer.

While getting into a festive mood is great for morale, costume wear may not be the best source of team building and culture development for Halloween.  As some companies debate whether to “trick or treat” one way to circumvent the debate is to consider fun activities surrounding a Halloween or harvest theme as a creative way to start a new tradition at your workplace. Taking the focus away from costumes and ghoulish creatures may be a refreshing way to celebrate without the potential hazards that come from poor costume choices.

Here are some “Sage” ideas to consider:

  1. Harvest focused potluck.   Think of the many treats that are inspired by the season: pumpkin spiced everything, apple cider, chili, carrot cake.  You get the idea!  
  2. Fall door decorating contest.  Boost team building skills with a fall door decorating contest. Set a budget limit and a fall theme and let the competition begin.
  3. Pumpkin decorating contest. Stoke friendly competition and acquire office decorations all in one activity!
  4. Halloween themed volunteer activity. With all the treats around at this time of year, how great would it be to give back? Donate costumes to kids in need, deliver cider and donuts to the elderly, or any other way to spread cheer for those in need.
  5. Scavenger hunt with a fall or Halloween theme. Nothing builds team spirit better than a well-coordinated scavenger hunt!
  6. Pumpkin bowling.  If you can bowl with a turkey, then why not a pumpkin!

6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween in the Workplace, Without Having to Dress Up! - Michigan Human Resource Consulting Blog | Sage Solutions Group - halloween_words_resizedWhatever you decide to do this year on Halloween, stay safe and remember costumes aren’t mandatory!  Be creative, have fun and Happy Halloween from Sage Solutions Group!


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